India Village Ministries

Bringing hope to needy people in the villages of India

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Puffin at Handa island near Scourie campsite Puffin at Handa island near Scourie campsite


IVM is involved in a number of specifically targeted projects to deliver lasting assistance to the poor of all age groups in the villages.

Examples on the About Us page under the following headings:

IVM Children’s Home, Child sponsorship, Educational sponsorship of poor children, Sewing Training centre, Widows and Emergency Services

Welcome to India Village Ministries


India village Ministries (IVM) started in 2001 with Suresh & Roja Vemulapalli. Suresh is a civil engineering graduate; Later he graduated with a M.Th and a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen (U.K.). They organized India Village Ministries in 2001 to serve orphan children, elderly widows and needy people in the villages.

More about Suresh and Roja….


Celebrations of the IVM 15th anniversary went well on the 10th of December at the Children's Home. Sri M. Buddha Prasad (Deputy Speaker, Andhra Pradesh State Assembly) was the chief guest at this occasion along with other local and district Government dignitaries.

The Deputy Speaker commended the services of IVM and showed his appreciation by presenting a special memento to Suresh &Roja commemorating the15th anniversary of India Village Ministries. It was a great encouragement for our ministry. We thank God for all of His support over the last 15 years.