India Village Ministries

Bringing hope to needy people in the villages of India

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Puffin at Handa island near Scourie campsite Puffin at Handa island near Scourie campsite

About Us

Suresh is a civil engineering graduate and later studied M. Th and Ph. D. in U.K. While he was in UK, He set up India Village Ministries in 2001.

Examples of the work we do…

IVM Children’s Home

If home is where the heart is, then IVM’s Children’s Home is truly “home sweet home” for many children in India.

One unique feature of our home is that after high school, we continue to walk along side and support each child through college.

IVM runs a Children's Home which is dedicated to providing a loving family atmosphere to children who have lost their parents. Currently we have children from ages 6 –19 yrs. Most of have lost both parents in accidents, suicides, various diseases or other reasons.

These children live in clean, safe dormitories and are given the opportunity of a lifetime in India—education from primary school through college.

Educational sponsorship to Poor Children

Many children in the rural villages do not receive an

education because they must work to help support their families. The greatest tool for helping someone face the adversity of poverty is education and we are fully committed to helping the very poor and needy children to have access to and avail themselves of quality education. India Village Ministries is providing support to some poor children and young people with their school/college education.

Sewing Training centre:

The knowledge of sewing, tailoring can provide some income for an Indian family. This vocational training provides young girls with a skill and equipment to earn in a society without much of the welfare structure.  

IVM Sewing Centre provides daily training for young girls and unemployed women. After successfully graduating from the course, each student receives a certificate as well as new sewing machine.

Restoring Joy: Widows Ministry

India Village Ministries provides practical support for elderly widows in the villages.

In India, family is the only protection against severe poverty for the elderly. Some of the women we work with have no surviving children; many of them have been abandoned by their children.

These women often die in loneliness, poverty and despair.

We hope to expand this ministry to care for more widows.

Emergency Disaster Service
IVM provides Emergency Disaster Service following natural disasters and other emergency situations.  IVM is always in the forefront in providing relief to needy people affected in disasters such as floods, cyclones, and fire. IVM has also provided drinking water for villages by drilling bore-wells and constructing hand pumps.