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COVID-19 Relief work

Covid-19 has now found a new hunting ground – rural India. After having many cities reel under its effect, there has been trend reversal with rural areas reporting a spike in positive cases.

In our state, Andhra Pradesh, Covid-19 outbreak was predominantly limited to urban areas until about a month ago, accounting for nearly 90% of cases. But rural areas of the state have now started witnessing a spike in cases. This is because of movement from urban to rural areas. There are cases spreading in our village and in the neighbouring villages. We have fed hundreds of very poor families who were suffering from hunger and starvation through no fault of their own. This has been done by providing rice bags, grocery Kits and vegetables.


As Corona cases started to spread to our villages, we distributed PPEs to front line key workers who are working in the "Containment zones".

All the regional government authorities attended our distribution programs. The Officers commended services of IVM in this crisis situation.

We are distributing essential food pack (5Kgs of rice, 1 Kg Lentil and 1 litre sunflower oil, vegetables/eggs) to many starving families in our region. 

If you would like to feed some families, Please message us.



If home is where the heart is, then IVM’s Children’s Home is truly “home sweet home” for many children in India.
IVM runs a Children's Home which is dedicated to providing a loving family atmosphere to children who have lost their parents. IVM cares for the physical, emotional and educational needs of children. 
These children live in clean, safe dormitories and are given the opportunity of a lifetime in India—education from primary school through college.


The greatest tool for helping someone face the adversity of poverty is education and we are fully committed to helping the very poor and needy children to have access to and avail themselves of quality education. India Village Ministries is providing support to some poor children and young people with their school/college education.

Restoring Joy

IVM seeks to restore joy in the lives of widows and the elderly by
providing regular assistance and meals. We hope to
expand this ministry to care for more widows and elderly.
Meals for widows


IVM provides Emergency Disaster Service following natural disasters and other emergency situations. IVM is always at the forefront in providing relief to needy people affected in disasters such as floods, cyclones, and fire. 


Helping one poor child won’t change the world:
but for that child, the world will change.”
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There are several ways you can help.
You can make a donation, sponsor a project.
If you would like to support Covid-19 relief aid,
please contact us
we will send the bank details to you.


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