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Covid-19 has now found a new hunting ground – rural India. After having many cities reel under its effect, there has been trend reversal with rural areas reporting a spike in positive cases.

In our state, Andhra Pradesh, Covid-19 outbreak was predominantly limited to urban areas until about a month ago, accounting for nearly 90% of cases. But rural areas of the state have now started witnessing a spike in cases. This is because of movement from urban to rural areas. There are cases spreading in our village and in the neighbouring villages. We have fed hundreds of very poor families who were suffering from hunger and starvation through no fault of their own.

We distributed relief aid to slums dwellers, migrant daily workers, poor people who are starving for food. IVM is helping families by distributing  rice bags, lentils, cooking oil.


All the regional government authorities attended our distribution programs. The Officers commended services of IVM in this crisis situation.

We are distributing essential food pack (5Kgs of rice, 1 kg Lentil and 1 kg sunflower oil, vegetables/eggs) to many starving families in our region. 

If you would like to feed some families, Please message us.

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